Growing up in Buffalo meant that going to Toronto on school trips was inevitable. I don't remember much about them anymore, except for waiting on the side of the road when our bus broke down on the way home from seeing The Lion King—It's funny to think about what our childhood brains deem memorable. I was excited to have a large city nearby when we moved back to NY. I use Toronto as an escape when Buffalo feels too small.

*Anxiety Intensifies*

A man followed me all the way from my home in West LA/Santa Monica to my office in Beverly Hills a few years ago. He boarded the bus with me, followed me around as I wove in between people and switched seats trying to lose him, and walked down Robertson Blvd behind me for 10 minutes, finally turning back once I stepped inside my building....


By the time we arrived in Scotland, we had been in Europe and in cities for 2 weeks. Our drive north into Scotland was leisurely, allowing us to stay in Gatehouse of Fleet near Castle Douglas the first night. We basically just opened Expedia and put a finger on a random hotel room, and we ended up loving it.

Los Angeles X2

You know how I said "I'm sure we'll see each other again someday" to LA as I was getting ready to move in late February? Turns out, "someday" actually meant "twice in 2 months this summer" so now you can see why I wasn't that hung up on leaving, lol.


3 weeks in Europe and not working ended up making me feel a bit like I existed nowhere and could wander endlessly. That was wonderful, but the downside is that some of the best moments blurred together a little bit.


Duolingo tells me I'm 23% fluent, but that seems prettttty generous. All 3 years of high school French were ruined by a terrible teacher who pronounced everything like she was inventing a new language from her basement in Nebraska, and no one cares that I know how to say, "she sees a spider but she is calm," you know what I mean?

Shit List

When things become stale, I have a tendency to reinvent myself. As a creative director, my job is to construct a relatable, meaningful experience for other people through design, even when the product is not-so-great.

Playlist: Triple Cream Dream

Featuring: Steve Miller Band, Cocteau Twins, Mac Demarco, Smith, Buena Vista Social Club, The Meters, Black Star, The Notorious BIG, Björk, Handsome Boy Modeling School ft. Cat Power, Hiatus Kaiyote, The Books, Flying Lotus ft. Andreya Triana, Nite Jewel, Neko Case, The Byrds, George Harrison


I found Loudon Wainwright's Therapy on vinyl shortly before I moved. I downloaded his digital discography a while ago, but for some reason hearing side A on vinyl conjured up childhood memories that were previously lost: playing in someone's driveway in the summer, presumably a party my parents went to.