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At Sea

catalinaisland-4 There are some of us who prefer to take trips to new places in the summer months, when the sun is shining and the crowd is mostly young and probably drunk. I am not one of these people, and thankfully neither is my future husband. We bought tickets for the Catalina Express for Sunday on a whim, and sailed into the clouds on Sunday morning.



I watched the Iris Apfel documentary last week. When it ended, I felt like I needed to try harder to keep myself happy and inspired. It's weird that sometimes doing so is a struggle, isn't it? One would assume that we would always gravitate towards the things that make us happy, but it just doesn't work that way sometimes. I feel my best when I'm going new places, trying new food, and taking photos with Pepijn (pronounced Peh-PINE. Pepijn Pepijn Pepijn. All this time together and I JUST learned that he doesn't even like being called Pep, even though that's how he introduces himself. Remembering to use his real name is harder than I thought it would be, lol). I need color, I need change, and I need to feel like I'm heard, understood, and appreciated. If I have all of those things, I also have endless inspiration. I just also need to remember that sometimes I have to provide those things for myself, rather than relying entirely on my surroundings.

My point is, Catalina was a colorful change of scenery, and so needed. On the way there, I looked up and saw all of the layers of clouds criss-crossing and traveling at different speeds over each other, and I felt like I was flying. It was my first time being out in the ocean, and I loved it, but I spent a long time with my head back, watching the sky.

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There is a trolley that gives $4 round-trip rides around Avalon, so we hopped on and rode up to the Wrigley memorial and botanical gardens, did some hiking, and on the way back we decided to splurge and buy tickets for the submarine tour. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ON A SUBMARINE?! WITH FISH FOOD TORPEDOS?! CAUSE I HAVE, AND IT'S FUCKING AWESOME. I don't think it went all the way below the water, but it was deep enough for us to clearly see the ocean floor in the cove, and to see hundreds of fish and a sea lion. Moving along the water in a submarine is so nauseating. If you ever go, you've been warned. SO WORTH IT THOUGH. I think being down there, surrounded by all of those fish is probably the most excited I've been about something (other than the proposal, sure, lol) in years...I lost my shit you guys.

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If the first weekend of 2016 is a gauge to predict how the rest of the year will be, then it's gonna be a good one. I'm moving back to the city I spent so much time in as a kid, a city that has totally transformed and turned into a really great place to be. I am marrying my best friend. I am going to Europe and saying hello to Paris and Scotland for the first time and going back to my favorite city in the whole world. I am turning 30, which I've ALWAYS been excited about. It's gonna be a reeeeeally amazing year :D

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(Is that a weird picture to end on? It was delicious and I thought the colors were pretty. You know me...)

"What's LA stand for?" "Lost assholes."