accidental flares of love burst through the atmosphere


I'm not sure how to communicate HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS. BangBang is a Montreal-based studio that created alllllllllll of this branding (and this is only a portion) to demonstrate to their clients the broad range of things they can do. Holy. Fucking. Impressive.

(all images from their website)

I spent a portion of last night talking to a very caffeinated friend (just kidding, you weren't that caffeinated, you just talked for 40 years without taking a breath LOL) about jobs and life changes and dead bunnies and blahh blah blah. I have the most wonderful friends no matter where I go. They are motivated, interesting, hilarious people and I'm lucky to be included in their worlds.
I would update everyone on my birthday party, but it seems as though I blacked out for about 2.5 hours and therefore missed a majority of it hahaha. WOOPS! I leave you with the only real photo that was taken, I think (I of course do not remember it being taken at all):

Mazel Tov, Bitches

Big Things and Good Wine