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Big Things and Good Wine

Well friends, Designers.MX invited me to become a mixer on their amazing website today (proving that I might just be good at my job? Maybe? Hopefully?). It's a site that basically does what I already do: make Spotify playlists and design covers for them, but it's invite-only and they make sure the design work is of good quality before they let people in. Exciting for nerds like me!

My first playlist is called Haze and you can see it here. It's made up of a bunch of stuff I've put on playlists here in the past, so it's nothing new to anyone that reads regularly - BUT! - going forward, I'm excited to embed my playlists on here for you to listen to with eeeease. 

Last night BV and I made apple & brie quesadillas (highly recommended! we just went for it with no recipe, but this version looks amazing) in his newly rearranged apartment. We listened to Steely Dan and I helped him out with the little veggie garden he created on his balcony and overall it was one of the nicest nights we've had in a really long time. I love him, you know? Tons.

My best friend had a little set of baby wines sent to me this week and it perked my day right up.

Birthday countdown: 8 days! Party is THIS SATURDAY, and I hope to see all of your beautiful happy faces there.


Who the hell am I?!