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Here's an interesting problem I've run into: I am trying my hardest to spend blog advertising dollars on Passionfruit ads and can't do it. I have no one to give my money to.

I am a lifestyle blogger. I am a feminist, I am a fan of blues and classic rock, I love tattoos and whiskey, I love The X-Files and Doctor Who, I love finding weird shit to do in Los Angeles and documenting it with photos, and I love traveling to new places. I am an introverted web designer. I have a terrible swearing problem, I have no problem saying things no one else will say. I draw my own typography, I post photos of my sketchbooks. Sure.

The disconnect seems to appear when I think about what I don't like. I'm kind of an asshole. I hate everything. I have 0% interest in eternal positivity, yoga, click-bait titles, crafting, healthy recipes, or trying to get other bloggers to make everything in their lives cute and fashionable. I don't read posts like that and I don't write them either. I want real, raw, jaw-dropping honesty or fucking hilarious bullshit. I want adventure, and I want it to taste like bourbon. I want to be impressive, and I want to be impressed.

I surely cannot be the only blogger like this, right? In my non-internet life, I know plenty of people that align with similar lifestyles.

But I can't seem to find it in blogs.

There are absolutely readers out there - women especially - who don't align with the things so many bloggers are writing about and are looking for something different. If you are a blogger with a similar lifestyle or set of interests, or if you know someone who is, please send me details or an introduction. This is a silly problem and I want to meet all of you!

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