accidental flares of love burst through the atmosphere

Casey Jones you better watch your speed

In some other dimension, unknown to us currently, babies magically appear from ovens after an hour of baking; our other-worldly counterparts have meticulously mixed, sifted, and blended ingredients in such a way that their ideal combination of traits is bestowed upon the grainy experiment in the bowl in front of them. The lack of actual pregnancy causes a noticeable drop in attachment, and over time, society begins putting newborns in shops, cared for by teams of loving sales associates until each child is mentally developed enough to communicate. On harvest day, wagons of children are brought out and prospective parents line up. Children choose their parents solely based on how it feels when they make eye contact with one another.

I dreamt of this scene one night; I'm not sure why my strangest and most memorable dreams always involve babies or drugs, but that's just How It Goes. I also recently dreamt that, upon my announcement that my deodorant smelled good enough to eat, someone I don't know very well crawled on top of me and licked my armpit. Even typing this out is making me laugh and question if my level of consciousness is the same as the average person's.

The world would be a different place if we chose our parents based upon intuition. I think about this often. Not because I'm dissatisfied with my parents (I think we're clear on my love for them), but because it's fucking fascinating. The babies with good intuition would choose better parents and would, in many cases, lead fuller lives. Those with poor intuition would choose parents that may not be able to care for them or show them their value, and after enough time and new generations, would begin to die off. We would, very very slowly, begin to become a more intuitive society.

What happens when every human is more intuitive? Do we become more sensitive and understanding to others, or do we become sneaker because we understand what we can get away with?

(Sneakier** ...That was a hilarious typo and I'm keeping it in. WE SHALL BECOME SNEAKER AND RUN OFF INTO THE SUNSET)

I'm looking forward to AUTUMN this year. I will be in London as October turns into November, and the thought of curling up in a warm cafe or pub after a long day of exploring, taking off my scarf and gloves, and watching the world go by becomes more appealing by the second.

I wish the world would slow down sometimes.

It's almost my birthday and I'm going home

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