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Ends of the Earth

Hanna at Bluff Cove, Palos VerdesWell. I get really excited when I find people that haven't been to Palos Verdes. I think I've written about this place at least 5 other times on this blog. I've been here when the sun was shining and I could see for miles and miles and I've been here on gray, overcast days. I've been here for sunsets and I've been here on days when it was so dry and windy that the dirt turned my entire body brown. I've walked all the way around the cove to the other side of that crazy cliff, and I've stayed on the top of the path. I've taken Christmas Card photos here with my ex-boyfriend and I've had birthday picnics here. It never fails to leave me feeling inspired and happy. I think Monday might have been my favorite visit yet, both for the good company and the perfect level of clouds to take some really dreamy pictures. *dReAmY!* Usually when I come here in January or February, everything is the prettiest shade of green. We've had so little rain this winter that it was still brown this year, but that's OK. Still seems pretty photogenic, ya know?





I've had a weird month, and I'm doing my best to snap myself out of it by going places and seeing things and finding something beautiful no matter where I am. I used to have a hard time doing that, but now it's a piece of cake. Inspiration is everywhere around here. I'm (fucking FINALLY) over that awful phase where music wasn't sounding good. I fell in love with Beck's Sea Change album this weekend and have been listening on repeat, along with Geographer by Sydney Wayser, a song that will now remind me of this Palos Verdes trip forever and ever because we listened to it in the car. I also can't stop listening to Cecilia by Simon & Garfunkel because it just brings me overwhelming JOY.

I had a real motherfucker of a time trying to edit these down to post a blog without overwhelming everyone. There are still a ton of photos, but they're good! Look!







On this particular outing, Rhi and I met a man who, while putting his wetsuit on and drinking a beer, said something that I somehow hadn't realized: It's the only coastal location near LA that people can go where the city isn't visible. He's right; I can see the coast when I'm at the top of the path - in fact I can see all the way to Malibu on a clear day - but once I'm at the bottom of that path, there's nothing. It's magical. Every time I'm here I find something new. This time it was the little village of hermit crabs hanging out in the shallow water. We watched them for a long time and tried making some crabby friends, but I don't think they enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed theirs.






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When we hiked back up the hill, we went to the Malaga Cove market and had lunch and took the streets home; no freeways. I had never been there without using the 405, so a route that wound us through beachy side streets in the South Bay was a really nice change of pace.

Today I looked at flights to Peru in September. Turns out it's not only the "best" time to go (so they say), but it's also really cheap? I mean it's not CHEAP, but $623 to fly to another continent is extremely doable. I still haven't booked a flight back to London this summer because I'm waiting on the Young Vic to announce dates for A Streetcar Named Desire, but even with that trip, a short(ish) visit to Peru seems highly likely. I wish I had someone I could drag there with me that could communicate. I'm gonna have to shell out the cash for an English-speaking group tour if I wanna get to Machu Picchu (aka the entire reason I'm picking Peru and not somewhere in Africa or Indonesia or even somewhere else in South America), and we KNOW how I feel about other people...hahaha. From what I read, there are some really nice day-long group tours that would still give me a lot of freedom to explore. I suppose I shouldn't get ahead of myself. Or maybe I should. Traveling the world seems like a quality reason to have absolutely no savings whatsoever. I might not be able to afford to eat, but I'll be fat with experience and adventure!

Speaking of flying, Cindy and I are going to Portland, Oregon in a couple weeks. Do you know how much this excites me!!! I've wanted to go there for...let me think....oh yes, FOREVER :)




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