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Fresh Air

I got a lot of much-needed fresh air this weekend at my parents' house in Franklinville. It might be half-full of rednecks, but I'm forever convinced that there is no town more beautiful. I danced with my favorite people and ate a lot of chicken wings and hugged my parents and I feel refreshed, even though the trip was short and somewhat strange.

There was a woman on the bus this morning that looked so much like Michelle Obama that I had to do a double take. She sat down with her iPod and got so into the music that she couldn't help dancing around and shaking her head a little bit, and her energy was so contagious that I found myself smiling at my own music. PLUS, I woke up an hour early this morning for no reason (still on NY time I think, I love that! It's just different enough to make getting up early really easy) and took my time getting ready so I was already in a great mood by the time I left my apartment. GOOD MORNING!

Here's a question that I would love your thoughts on: how long should we make someone's else's pain our own before we just have to suck it up and move on with our own lives? It's terribly detrimental to a mind/heart/soul to be filled with worry all the time, but it's impossible to stop wishing that the people we love are OK. I just don't know.

EDIT 4:19PM: I cannot freaking stop laughing at this.

Here is Franklinville:

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Mazel Tov, Bitches