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flowermarket-7 Saturday morning we got up early and went to the LA Flower Market to hunt for the peonies that I've been unable to find at any florist or nursery or grocery store around my neighborhood. If you're in Los Angeles you have to go at least once; it is so beautiful and it's worth getting up early just to breathe in some clean air. I did find what I was looking for, but left empty-handed because peonies are fucking expensive and I have an 11 day vacation to San Francisco and Buffalo coming up.


I found the most perfect pink wall a few months ago and have been dying to photograph it since; Rhiannon is my favorite human in the whole world to take pictures of, so we made a day of it. At one point a man drove up to us on a motorcycle and asked, "Are you having a photoshoot?" And without missing a beat we started harassing him, telling him Rhi was a yoga instructor/sea witch, asking him how many times he's been abducted by aliens, and telling him he was useless, until he drove away totally confused and we laughed at our own ridiculousness and then got a drink to end the day.

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Monday night I rearranged my bedroom. Pep dropped me off at home while he got a haircut and ran errands, and by the time he walked back into my apartment an hour later, I had gotten rid of my big white desk, moved a huge bookshelf to the opposite side of the room, and restyled things. My iMac now sits on a bookshelf in the corner, making it much harder to sit and work. I don't want work to be the focal point of my bedroom. I feel a lot better.

I know that my craving for frequent change is something with which most people don't sympathize. I know I am the oddball in more ways than one. If I don't get the change I seek, my need for it begins to accumulate and pulsate and grow teeth and before I know it, I am so restless that the people I love get to witness me having some sort of weird episode in which I bust through my shirt like The Hulk and throw desks out of my bedroom.

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After we left the flower market, Pep and I got breakfast at Canters and he told me something that completely solidified my gut feeling about spending the rest of my life with him. I made the right choice. And I am so in love, I don't know what to do with myself except smile like a fool.


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