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I won I won! I am December's Blogger of the Month, and that made me smile really big this morning! I said there would be internet hugs for everyone if I won, so please everyone, come to momma, I've got somethin' for ya ;) hahaha

I never posted anything about Lily's birthday party last month, and I should because it was such a fun day and the pictures are amazing! There was plenty of champagne and wine and cake and hiking and grassy-hill-rolling, which is honestly my ideal combination of ingredients for one day.

I don't think ANY of us roll down huge hills as often as we should.

I leave you with 2 more photos: Nik calls me scandalous so often that I might as well just get this tattooed somewhere on my body. Probably not my hand though. And Bean is getting so big! I'm also having adopter's remorse about her name, though. I can't just change her name again, 6 months into her life, can I? I won't. But for the record, she looks and acts like a Fiona, not a Sophia.

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