accidental flares of love burst through the atmosphere

I am Earth, you are sky

The best thing about being in a relationship that is truly good for me is that I don't experience the loss of unimportant moments. I am aware that I exist. You know how you can doing nothing important with no one in particular, and then light will hit something in a perfect way or you'll hear an appropriate song and then that moment becomes a reference point when you look back? I have none of those moments from my last relationship, and I was always aware of that, and it always really scared me. What did I seeI was too scattered to recognize the things I love to recognize most, the things that I most easily enjoy: the Smallest and Most Unimportant Things. have given me the gift of a constant stream of insignificant moments in time, oh yes you have

I've been thinking about home a lot. I spent a long time thinking that I was happier in the country, but it recently occurred to me that I have such a strong desire to see the world, and very little of that desire is reserved for places that aren't cities. I am... an average city dweller that needs a nice vacation spot. It really fucking bothers me to admit that, and I'm not sure why.

There is something about a hot "summer" night, amirite? It was 100 degrees in Los Angeles today and I think I've melted and transformed into a new, fluid species. A liquid raccoon. I used to crave nights like this when I was in my late teens and early 20s, mostly because it meant I'd stay up late and listen to music and fuck around and just enjoy baking in my own skin. Tonight I am doing just that, and I've even shared my playlist that is, in my opinion, an excellent soundtrack for anyone who is trying to melt to death.


01. The Crystal Ship (The Doors) 02. Working On A Building (Cowboy Junkies) 03. Almost Cut My Hair [1969 Demo] (David Crosby) 04. Puzzle With A Piece Missing (Gotye) 05. Freak Love (Toro Y Moi) 06. Come In Alone (My Bloody Valentine) 07. Shake It Loose (Dolphin Boy) 08. So Many Details (Toro Y Moi) 09. Paracosm (Washed Out) 10. Since I've Been Loving You (Led Zeppelin) 11. Betty Lonely (Cowboy Junkies) 12. Massage Situation (Flying Lotus) 13. Miracle Worker (18 Carat Affair) 15. I Wanna Love U (18 Carat Affair) 16. 20 Feet Tall (Erykah Badu)

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One last annoying thing - I've come out of my "I'm never freelancing again, fuck you" phase, because unfortunately that's the only way terrible money savers like me can gather the cash to go back to Europe at the beginning of August. Which is when I'm going, because I already have a ticket to a show that I spent FAR too much money/effort getting. I'm even going there with a hot date, because that's just what crazy people agree to do after knowing each other for a month and dating for a week :) Anyyyywayyyy, if it involves coding of any sort my answer is no, but if I can do it in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, on a canvas, on paper, with a brush or a pen, I'm all yours!

There is one rule to art

Cowboy Movie