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Insignificant Occurances in the Space-Time Continuum

1516170_277872539028134_565287655_n I drew this with these 5 seconds in mind.

Last week I went to the Palace Theatre downtown for a screening of The Royal Tenenbaums. Wes Anderson is my spirit animal. I can't count the number of times since Thursday that I've found myself listening to the first 17 seconds of These Days by Nico and feeling a little too much like Margot Tenenbaum, minus the secret 22 year smoking habit. I'm sure a million other people did that when the movie came out, but I always like things more once the hype has died down, because of COURSE I have to be difficult about everything.

Friday night found me spiraling off the Earth wearing some sort of spacesuit of drunken madness. Cindy and I have vowed to forget January again because last January was so much fun (from what we hear). I am just...warm and happy and full of a whole lot of love and appreciation for so many people. HEART IS BURSTING at the SEAMS LALAlaa

I'm missing Christmas this year. I had just enough JetBlue points to get a free flight, but it had to be on the 25th. I arrive in Buffalo on the morning of the 26th and it will be the first time I've ever been unable to hug my parents on Christmas Day. Thank goOOOoodness (I say that like Alice in Wonderland in the scene with the doorknob) I'll get to be with them only a few hours late. No one can really afford to buy gifts for each other this year, and I think I might like it better that way. I always love figuring out what to get my Mom and Dad because it's like a giant puzzle (especially you, Mark Winfield Rainbow, you are so fucking difficult to buy for), but presents are not at all important. Family is SO important. Especially mine :D

See you in 2014!

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