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Interior Design Wannabe: Chapter 02

My legs felt restless all day. All I could think about was leaving work and running - it's been a week since I did that and my muscles miss it. DID NOT HAPPEN DID NOT HAPPEN LALALA. I took a quick trip to Petco because GODDAMNIT I am a great kitty owner, and by the time I got back to my apartment it was blowing me all over the sidewalk. If it had blown any harder (it might be called your mom heyoooo!) I would have toppled over and everything in my bag would've rolled all over the street like I was in some sort of stupid movie. And that's exactly when my "soulmate" would show up and brush the lone windblown piece of hair out of my face. BV, WHERE ARE YOUUUUU I DID NOT SEE YOU...

You guys, every morning I wake up really excited to go to work. Can you say things like that about your life? I sincerely hope that you can. I teeter totter about it sometimes, but it seems like for the past couple months I've been so happy to get to work and see everyone. I have really amazing coworkers. Really, really amazing coworkers.

I painted a dream I had a while ago that I refuse to go into detail about because sometimes secrets are fun. The painting makes it look like I had a lesbian dream, but that's not what happened. I bet if I didn't clarify, that's what you'd assume. I'm also pissed off at Ikea because they seem to be sold out of everything that doesn't suck. I just want another white PS cabinet to line up with the one I already have so I have one long shelf for my TV and the turntable that I will eventually remember to buy and some other thangs... Since they didn't have it I consoled myself with a vase and some flowers. And I also picked up a carved antler on Etsy that I thought was ridiculously beautiful.


Other new additions: a fox knob that I got at Anthropologie to make this Ikea Hemnes nightstand more interesting and less Ikea-y, the John Lennon Letters book I bought at JFK to make our flight home more enjoyable for my whiny stuck-in-the-middle-seat ass, and I fiiiinally framed the setlist that Grace Potter & the band signed for me the first time I ever saw them play live back in 2007 :)

I can't stop loving live Tom Waits. I'm not usually a live music person (unless I'm actually at a show experiencing it for myself) but he will always be an exception.

What the fuck did I just write? All over the place. Just like my brain lately, good lawwwd.

PS...I love you.

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