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Interior Design Wannabe: Chapter 04

I saw this today and instantly started planning on selling everything in my bedroom so that I can cut down on stuff. I don't have a lot of stuff; I LOATHE clutter, buttttttt I still have more than I need. Ideally I'd cut way back on little things in order to afford one or two bigger things. I struggle with the lack of natural light in my apartment, so maybe having very little in my room will help make it feel lighter and more breathable.

Image found here

This means my wishlist looks a little something like this:
4. Fresh flowers to liven it up a bit. But they've gotta be the same; eclectic bouquets make me gag!
5. Black Stepladder (Except this one is stupid expensive. But I like the way it looks)

Also what IS that bedding made of? Velvet? Fur? I don't think I'd want a velvet comforter. Looks great in the picture. Will NOT look great after one night of sleep with one black kitty and one white kitty *shudder*

I am mad at my fucking beige apartment walls. I need WHITE. White. Painting is so easy that I should stop bitching and get it over with, but I need to wait until it's a bit warmer in LA so my windows can stay open.  Does anyone wanna help me paint my entire apartment? I could do my bedroom myself, but the whole apartment is quite a task. I'll cook buy food and make drinks that are heavy on the bourbon and sing to you, and I might even stand on my coffee table and dance for you, if that's what you're into. But you have to be OK with Pop Lock and Drop it. And we have to actually paint and not just get drunk and distracted. And you can't paint like an idiot. Oh no...I have so many rules. No one's gonna wanna help me :( I'm sorry everyone. 

I was just telling a coworker about this yesterday. I had a hard time playing in kindergarten because I had rules. I just wanted the right furniture to go in the right rooms of the dollhouse, ya know? I'm a neurotic fucking freakshow HELLO

I was going to put this playlist up on Designers.MX because they're all songs that I've been working to lately, but then I realized that most of them are already on someone else's playlist, and HANNA AIN'T NO COPYCAT so I'll just keep them grounded here on my blog and share them with you. It's similar to Je Fleuris from this post, which 23 of you subscribed to, so if you're looking for more of that style, it's all yours. xo

01. Beast In Air, Beast In Water (Snowmine)
02. Useful Chamber (Dirty Projectors)
03. So Many Details (Toro Y Moi)
04. The Suburbs (Mr Little Jeans)
05. Kaleidoscope (Geographer)
06. Prelude - Lapalux's Finger On The Tap (Bonobos)
07. Sparkly (Young Magic)
08. Rose Quartz (Toro Y Moi)
09. The Big Idea (Black Books)
10. Superheroes (Esthero)

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PS the font I used for the playlist cover is called Questrial and is freeeee. Look at that Q, it's pretty!


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