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LA The Weird Way: Chapter 1

I'm going to start documenting the things Cindy and I do in this city as The Weird Way, because we never seem to do anything normal. A few very important things about what I'm about to show you:

  • Almost got a $20 tattoo
  • The only reason I didn't is because the cops showed up and we had to leave
  • There were free white russians for anyone dressed up as a kitty, but we all had to lap it up from bowls

Honorable mentions:
  • Found a record store on Sunday and got a couple gems for 5 dollars (Pretenders II + a book about the blues)
  • Went to watch the Bills game with a Buffalonian (Randi) and someone that might as well be a Buffalonian (Cindy)
  • PS the Bills lost, not that anyone is surprised by that
  • Saw Wreck-It Ralph in 3d...IT WAS SO GOOD YOU GUYS
  • Got to watch Nik act like a drunken fool on Friday night, while it took me about 5 years to sew kitty ears. Everyone was like, "Hanna why did it take you so long to make those ears?" BECAUSE I WAS SEWING LACE ONTO PIPE CLEANERS. I pretty much achieved the impossible. I am superwoman (catwoman* sigh)
  • Painted a dresser white. I did more crafty stuff this weekend than I've done in the past 10 years.

Coming up next on La Liste de Hanna et Cindy:
  • Shooting range
  • Rose Bowl Flea Market
  • Crayon Art
  • Chateau Marmont
  • Probably some other things that I've forgotten


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