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Letterpress Business Cards!

mandate-press-letterpress-business-cards1 I came across The Mandate Press 4 years ago. I have wanted letterpress business cards for four years. I never bought them for myself because it's a bit of a splurge and I didn't have anything to promote at the time that was branded/complete enough to deserve a business card. I've come a long, long way in the past 4 years. So I finally bought myself a set for this blog, and practically had a panic attack when I saw the package on my doorstep I was so excited.

letterpress-business-cards2 letterpress-business-cards6

The Mandate Press shipped them to me 2 weeks earlier than they said they would, threw in a few extra for good measure, and packaged them so nicely that I can't stop looking at them and it's been over a week since I got them. I was worried about the gold edging being too much, but it ended up looking just the tiniest bit shiny against the neutral cardstock and I couldn't be happier with them. They are hand-drawn and totally original and they feel like me when I look at them.

I'm making changes. I went through and reuploaded/re-edited all the images from old posts that accidentally got deleted because I'm a fool, and then decided that 6 hours doing that wasn't enough, so I redid all my categories too. This blog is a lot more organized now, and is set up for me to grow :) Now that I've spent 140 dollars on business cards, I have to live up to my own hype, lol. So...I'll be posting more frequently.

If you're in the market for good business cards, I can't recommend Mandate Press enough. And if you're in the market for someone to design/illustrate them for you, send me an email :)

I posted on Facebook today that I'm gonna do a thing where I hand-draw logos or little things for $50 each, so send me an email if you're interested in that, too!

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