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sf-buf-12 It seems like the only blog updating I can set aside any time for is the kind that involves travel photos. I had been to San Francisco before, but only for a day, so I was pretty excited to explore. What I did not expect was to suddenly wake up dying from some toxic San Francisco Flu on day 3 of my 10 day trip, oops. I'll get to that in a second.

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We managed to squeeze a lot into the 4 days we were there. We saw as much as one tired man and one sick woman possibly could. We stayed with a truly lovely friend of Pep's family named Rina who he used to visit when he was growing up. She lives in an *incredible* house outside of the city that I was immediately in awe of. I've always loved when people's personalities are so obviously displayed in their homes. For an observer like me, it is heaven to absorb so much life through visuals alone.

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One night, we took a hike in Wildcat Canyon on Rina's recommendation because she casually mentioned that Mt. Tam and the bay were visible from the top. We almost turned around at the top of the first big hill because it was a steep climb and we were tired. We thought we could see Mt Tam in the distance, so we were feeling pretty satisfied and ready to turn around. WE WERE VERY WRONG. We ended up continuing upward because I wanted to photograph the cows at the top of the hill, and that's when we realized that we were literally ON TOP OF THE ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD.

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As a sidenote: My obsession with Mount Tamalpais began a few years ago because of a song about Tamalpais High School (big David Crosby fan, you know meeee, Tamalpais High, such a pretty song). I looked it up on Instagram just to see what it was, and thought it was so beautiful that I haven't stopped thinking about it since. I figured out exactly where I wanted to go, and we planned on hiking and exploring Mill Valley the day before we left. I had heard that the part I wanted to see was crowded, and I do hate when people ruin my nature, but I quickly made my peace with it and was really excited. There's a thing called O'Rourke's bench, a bench overlooking rolling hills, that I really wanted to photograph. 

Back to this Wildcat Canyon hike: we got to the top of the hill, and there, in the middle of fucking nowhere, with no one else around, as the sun was setting, overlooking all of San Francisco and the bay and Marin County and Mt Tam... was a bench on rolling hills. I got exactly what I wanted, except it was even better, because Pep and I got to sit on that bench, totally alone for an hour as the sun set, freezing our asses off and taking photos (and getting sick!!!)

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That hike, as perfect and magical as it was, is definitely what pushed my body over the edge. I woke up the next day feeling like I couldn't think because everything hurt, and even though I still did everything I wanted to do that day (a little driving tour of the city, the Haight Ashbury, etc), I was just so not into it. I had trouble taking photos because I felt so lousy.

sf-buf-86 sf-buf-89 sf-buf-90 sf-buf-92 sf-buf-95 sf-buf-100 sf-buf-102 sf-buf-105 sf-buf-107 sf-buf-110 sf-buf-111 sf-buf-112 sf-buf-113 sf-buf-114  sf-buf-123 sf-buf-134 sf-buf-138 On our final day in the city, we drove to Mill Valley and Mount Tamalpais, aka the part I was most excited for, but my body just wouldn't let me enjoy it. The only picture I took with my camera was of the fog as we were coming back down Panoramic Highway. We did, however, wander in to Mill Valley Music, which is the most cramped, tiny, messy record store to ever exist, WITH THE MOST TREASURES. I found the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack next to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, and immediately scooped up both.

I should mention that we were in Mill Valley on Memorial Day. We took a strange, winding detour because of their (hiilaaariioouuss) Memorial Day parade, which we ended up watching from a tiny diner as a very sweet server asked me why I hadn't eaten the breakfast sausage that I couldn't taste. I'd like to revisit Mill Valley someday when I'm at my full capacity; it was sadly overflowing with parade-loving WASPy people and children in double strollers, but it still seemed like on any other day, it might still have some bite left from years past. I'd at least like to go back and photograph it. I barely saw anything. Except Ivan, the 34 year old bird in the pet store window.


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I'm not doing well with words lately; I just don't have anything to say that can't be better said with an image. This last image, for example, sums up the trip, the hike, how I felt, how the day was, how my life is. Thank you for taking it, Mr. Dekker :)



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