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More Today Than Yesterday

Yesterday I sat at a table in a restaurant with the sweet company of someone who has seen so much of my best and worst. The light was just right and it was warm and I found myself outside looking in, peeking at a life that is so similar to what I had hoped it would be when I was younger. It's hard to describe the subtle importance of those feelings. Almost déjà vu-ish in nature but much more meaningful. Somehow I ended up here, and here is such a lovely place and time.

I think I've finally found my "tribe" so to speak- the people that just click and fall right into their own spot in my life. A couple are coworkers, a few are misfits that I've fallen into friendships with, and a few have been there for years. I will never stop stressing my complete and total love for people that truly accept and understand me. They are rare but they are everything.

Since I became December's blogger of the month, I'm automatically in the running for Blogger of the Year. Here's the poll where everyone is voting - you don't need to be logged into anything to vote and it only takes a second! The winner gets a weird chicken trophy and some serious street cred (some blog traffic too I'd imagine). If you've enjoyed the last 1.0833333333 years of posts, or if you just enjoy me, go vote!

I leave you with a very select (select because most of them are EMBARRASSING. When will I learn to stop being so embarrassing?! *wags finger at self*) number of photos from my work holiday party over the weekend. And maybe a couple others.

(That is a 10 foot long snake. I WANT HIM)

PS - Nik got me a record player for Christmas, DO YOU KNOW HOW HAPPY THAT MADE ME?

Very happy! Pink Floyd's Animals album sounds sooooo good on vinyl. I'll definitely be making a trip to Record Surplus this weekend to see what treasures I can find in the $0.99 bins. Plus the interior design nerd in me is envisioning bookshelves full of records, so I had better start collecting.

PS - more introverted people have been posted on this page. We've still got people posting about it which is amazing! If I haven't put up a link to your post yet, please make sure you send me a link to it here and I'll add you to the list.

PPS - BV and I were recently brainstorming some band names. Slimy and the Cubes, Slarty Bardfast and the Slimies, and I've always wanted a band called Baby Snakey and the Shrimpies (there used to be a reason but it's long gone from my memory now). I'd really love to hear some genius band names if you've got em, because my weird sense of humor leaves me feeling totally tickled by the three that I've listed for you. GIVE ME MOARRRR

Pink and Vinyl

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