accidental flares of love burst through the atmosphere


Matthew DiVito is a badass. He creates the most beautiful animated .gif files I've ever seen, and does a lot of cool things in Cinema 4D in general. LOOK!

He makes me excited about design because he found his niche. It's always really impressive to me when designers who could be good at anything find that one little special area that they can just blow everyone away with. I'm working my ass off to become a branding expert because that's what I've discovered I have the most fun and the most success with. I'm terrible with website layouts and wireframing (except this parallax scrolling site that I'm currently making at work. Finally something different!), but I find that my logo work, style guides, and branding ideas are always well-received. That means I found an area that I need to develop, and thankfully my job is happy to let me do that while the other designer, Nik, handles the layouts and full site designs (usually). Sometimes we trade, but I've learned so much by being able to focus on just this one area a bit more.

How was your weekend, world? I rearranged my room (this project started on Friday night, when BV came over to find me taking all of the art off of my walls). I've been freaking out lately, feeling like my room doesn't have a complete thought. Instead, it's like I have so many little things instead of just a few really beautiful big things that it ends up looking hectic, no matter how well I put it all together. Hopefully I fixed that problem! I'm still hoping to have the time to style my apartment well enough that I can send it into Apartment Therapy and post some photos on here, but youuuu knowwww.

God I wish my photos didn't all include a cat somewhere in them. I'm starting to get really bad, you guys

Lastly, will you do me a favor and go here? Cause it's like, super important to me (don't worry it's not kitten donation websites again lol).

Speaking of kittens, my little bean feels MUCH better! Look at her bright eyes and those little kitten FEET!

I reflect poorly on you

You would somersault in sand with me