accidental flares of love burst through the atmosphere

now you see me now you dont

I have a secret plan, and I can't blog about it because it's a secret. But it's a very motivating secret. I SURE  DO love changes and fascination and proving to myself that I can do anything I feel like doing. And no, Franklinville, that doesn't mean I'm pregnant. Think about something other than breeding for ONE SECOND.

Last night I ended up talking briefly about the relationship most of us seem to have with this city: a wavering one, where we love it and could stay here forever or we feel indifferent and could leave at any time. I am definitely in a "love" phase. Strangely enough I think a lot of it comes from my commute to and from work. WEIRD.

Also, how much Red Bull do you have to drink before your digestive system melts into an acidic puddle inside your body? I drink Red Bull every day. The first time I ever had it, I was in college and it CRACKED. ME. OUT. Now it barely wakes me up. I blame work. I always blame work.

Don't feel like talking about much else. Look at these pretty pictures!

Ben Giles' Surrealism