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Oh Hamburgers

I wanted to take a second before writing anything else to send out a huge internet hug to all of you. I received a few emails and a few Facebook messages about my last post. Some were only a sentence long and some were several paragraphs; all of them said very important things. This is exactly why I felt comfortable writing about it in such a public space. Thank you all so very very much for your understanding, concern, and respect.

Onward (and breeeeathe out)!

South Park's Facebook page posted a photo of Butters this morning with the caption "Oh I can't fellas, I'm grounded for looking stupid in my school picture," which made my heart happy.


My childhood was a lot like Butters' (except for I never followed my dad to a bath house to discover him having sex with other men and I never took a ninja star to the eye). I was always getting grounded and getting things taken away from me for silly reasons.

Can I tell you my plan? This blog needs to get bigger. Step one is to get about a thousand more readers per post (HA!). I'm in the process of turning this blog into a brand, which means more posts about design and other things I like in addition to the posts about my life. I will never stop writing about the way I feel, but I'd like to give all sorts of people a reason to come back. For some people that's music, for some it's a journal, and for some it's visual. The survey from last week was really helpful in telling me what so many of you beautiful people want to see.

Step two is to consolidate all of these loose ends I have floating around the internet. In a few weeks (orrrrr maybe a couple months), will be really pretty with an easy way to get to my portfolio and this blog, depending on what you're there for. Which means my portfolio also has to be redone, because it's outdated! On top of the other freelance projects I have going on, and also, of course, on top of my full time job. So if you were wondering why I'm overwhelmed...

I added a mood board to the site. You can see it in my navigation at the top of the page. It's full of things I find beautiful, things that I keep in mind when I design and things that inspire me when it comes to this blog. And I haven't used tumblr in a hot minute so if you're on there, give a girl a follow?

I'm trying to move a bunch of my Facebook friends over to the page for my blog so that I don't always have to post links twice and can focus more on building a brand over there. So if you're friends with me and you read this site, do me a favor and go like the page. You CAN find it in my sidebar but because I know you won't look unless it's right in front of your face lol: here.

Anyway. The final step of this plan is to be my own boss. I'm very far from that point right now but I know how motivated I am once I have my mind made up: it WILL happen. So until then, I'll learn more at my job every day, I'll make every effort to make this blog and my portfolio grow, and then I'll take off running and work from anywhere I damn well please (and it will probably be in another country), on projects that don't make me cringe. I cannot wait until that day :)

There are sooo many parentheses in this post.

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