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Pink and Vinyl

It's warm in my parents' living room, and since my arrival in snowy Franklinville I've had only three more plates of Christmas cookies than I should have.

A series of discussions about my Grandma and reverse mortgages led to my mom and I talking about me inheriting this house when they're gone. This beautiful, happy house is pre-1900s and honestly falling apart at a rate that is somewhat faster than my family can afford to update it. A reverse mortgage would help them tackle some of the huge projects. I found myself thinking about where I would start if this house was suddenly put into my hands. The interior design nerd in me watches an unhealthy amount of Love It or List It and knows what even a $20,000 renovation could do for a house like this, but I would want to save every nail and stone that was replaced because I am so attached.

Carl Barr came to see me today. It's great to see friends that I haven't been able to meet up with in years. And it's so nice to know that even though we're both pretty different than we used to be, conversation flows just as easily as it always did. FRIENDSHIP, YOU GUYZ

(I'm sorry, I have to note how disgusted I am that Kid Rock is currently breaking my TVs speakers while singing Ramble On in tribute to Led Zeppelin for the Kennedy Center Honors. WHY am I watching this, first of all, and second of all WHY would they let that man do such a thing? This is what I resort to when I'm in Franklinville and can't watch HGTV lol)

How is it that we suddenly, and by suddenly I mean over the course of about 20 years, morph into these "types" of people? I still can't figure out what kind of person I am. I know myself very, very well but I can't sum myself up. Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe it means I haven't fallen into the trap of any one thing for so long that it begins to define me. I've always been a bit of a wanderer, anyway. I guess I'm that "type."

I can't post the photos that I want to because my parents' computer doesn't have a photo editor, but here are some from the past week. I've been buying lots of vinyl now that I have something to play it with. I would reeeally love to pick through my dad's collection but I just got him a belt and needle for his own broken turntable so that seems like a very inconsiderate thing to do ;)

PS - Thank you thank you thank you to everyone that voted for me, I won Featured Blogger of the Year on 20sb! You guys are just the wonderfulest, amazingest, votingest blog friends a girl could ever have.

The snow, the tattoo, the observation deck

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