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Ready and Willing

Thanksgiving was interesting. Nothing will ever top the day/evening BV and I had last year (speaking of that, Kevin Kinsella if you are reading this I really miss you!), but I DID have fun at the Riviera Country Club with Lily and some of her family. And I also particularly enjoyed the X-Files marathon with Cindy that night. It wasn't very holiday-ish, at least not in the way I'm used to, but I got to see people I love and that's worth everything.

I have very few friends that still celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. Is that weird? Maybe it's just because the majority of my friends are here in Los Angeles now and most of us are transplants. I used to celebrate it with my Dad's side of the family, and there was nothing wrong with that BUT it's kind of strange to sit in a room with people that know nothing about me just out of obligation. I don't really understand things like that.

What I AM thankful for is friends that scoop me up and welcome me into their traditions and their families and find secret places for me to pee when I've had too much whiskey at Seven Grand (Mike Cooper you wonderful man).

Speaking of Seven Grand, I rarely get the chance to go, but when I do I always leave wishing I lived next door. I wandered over to the jukebox at some point on Friday night, just hoping to put on some Led Zeppelin, and instead I found The Unheard Music by X and Tom Waits' Rain Dogs album. If there was ever a way to melt my heart...

Back to being thankful; there's so much to feel grateful for individually that I'll just sum it up by saying that I'm thankful for my life.

I'm obsessed with this photo and have decided that a clear coffee table is in my future:

(found here)

Finally, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to everyone who has been voting for me for December's blogger of the month on 20sb! Unless something crazy happens in the next few days, I think I might win it, and that's so exciting!


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