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Road Trip: Arizona

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After we left Lake Powell, it was a short drive to Page, AZ. I wanted to go to Horseshoe bend later in the day because that's when the best light is, but I ended up saying FUCK IT. I was too excited to wait, so we took the trip around 1pm and hiked up the short trail in the heat to arrive, sweaty and gross, at this sight:


PS, it took 20 photos, stitched together in Photoshop, to make this one. If you're gonna go, go with a camera that has a wide angle or you'll never get the whole thing in one shot!

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There weren't quite as many people as I was expecting but it was still busy. Here's what I learned: I have no fear of heights. None. Standing on the very tip of a flat rock jutting out over the Colorado River doesn't phase me one bit. We hung out for a while, taking photos from different angles, and then went back to the hotel to shower and relax for a while.

Pep suggested we check out the Glen Canyon dam, and since I was a little bummed about my Horseshoe Bend pictures I was excited to photograph a similar structure in better light. We went at sunset and had the place to ourselves, save one family -


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The next morning we headed to Upper Antelope Canyon. Tour guides are required, and it seems like visitors are also required to worry about tumbling out of the back of an off-roading pickup truck, all while eating red desert dust that infiltrates every exposed piece of phones and cameras.

If you ever get the chance to go, GO. I was totally in awe.

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We got Navajo Tacos at a trading post on the edge of town to fuel us and then headed towards Flagstaff.

Before this trip was planned, I asked my Dad for AZ recommendations since he lived there for a while. He said Oak Creek Canyon took his breath away, so I put it on my list but wasn't sure if I'd ever make it there. I'll start by saying this: I would have never though this would be in the middle of Arizona. Never ever ever. It was so green, and so big. At one point, Pep said, "Holy shit, there's the canyon" because we had turned a corner and suddenly the entire thing was visible. We took the short drive up and down Rt 89 3 times, trying to photograph it (there is unfortunately nowhere to pull over, which is so sad), and the time of day/speed of the car just wouldn't allow it. These photos are the best I could do but do absolutely nothing to prove its beauty.

We hiked down along the West Fork Trail, where I learned that, although I have no fear of heights, I have a lot of fear about walking on slippery wet rocks, lol. There was some stream crossing required, and on a warmer day it would be fantastic, but it was getting dark and it was too cold to walk through the water and I wasn't very secure enough on my fee on the rocks, so we turned around. But I will be back, and I can't wait to spend a full day wandering here.

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loved Arizona. I was so excited to get there and it didn't disappoint. I didn't want to leave. We spent our last night at a Motel 6 in Kingman (Kingman sucks, don't go there) and headed back to California in the morning, greeted by a disgusting brown cloud settled over LA. I can't wait to get outta here again.

In other news, a product launch at work has sent me into a spiral of crazy in which I don't sleep at all/sleep for 12 hours, don't eat/binge on 2 entrees, and fluctuate between not caring and being so overwhelmed that I have to go outside so I don't cry at my desk. I'm gonna go ahead and hope that goes away soon, but until it does, I'll probably be absent from this blog, because I just don't need another thing to do. I'll be back soon enough :)

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