accidental flares of love burst through the atmosphere

shake, rattle & roll

Before we begin, I must note 2 things:

Thing No. 1 - About Me pages are really hard to write, and always awkward in the end. Do you guys just wanna write haikus with me instead? I don't need to talk about myself MORE than I already do.
Thing No. 2 - Since Facebook pretty much ruined the handy "suggest page" feature, no matter how many people I invite to "like" my Facebook page, they will rarely see the request. So if you're feeling awesome, maybe you could get on that and make my freaking day. Or maybe they see the request and just hate me so they deny it???? Oh noooo

ONWARD. My cat snores really loudly. Does your cat snore loudly? Or am I just really lucky to have a cat with a strong personality and strange/loud habits? I had a thought the other day: our pets develop traits that our children might develop since we essentially raise them. My parents' cat is very quiet and doesn't like being around too many people. I am (sometimes) quiet and don't like being around too many people. Bella is REALLY snuggly. Does this mean I will have children that are really snuggly? I don't want them to be so snuggly that they smother other people or get taken advantage of. Bella smothers people. She lays on their chests and purrs into their faces. I like it, but I'm pretty sure I'm the only weirdo that does.

Look at these!

(Los Angeles disappeared ohh noooooo)

I leave you with the scene from New Girl that just cracked my shit up:

Schmidt: " do you like America?"
Nadia: "I like...salad bar...I like...Despicable Me...Tosh 2 point 0...I like...connect four...freedom of speech...David Fincher...sidewalk...1-800-slim...yo momma jokes...strawberry...Wilmer Valderama...Leon E skating for fun, not to save life."

I like potatoes, I like meat, I like standin on the corner of the street