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It's pretty lousy blogging etiquette to change domains twice in 2 years, but LISTEN. My last job ruined me. I stopped being fun, I stopped being happy, I stopped creating, I had no energy, and I had panic attacks. It's been over 2 months since I left, and I am still feeling myself unwinding and getting back to where I was years ago. I feel great knowing that they will no longer be able to count me in with the people who support and use xyz domains. Sorry in advance for anyone who was consistently using bloglovin or feedly to read; I'll get all that up and running eventually. For now, I write, because it is so nice to feel like writing again!

What I'm trying to do is just to live slowly. To eat well and to travel often. To spend time in bed with my fiancé talking about future plans, weekend plans, exploring, what we love about each other, how to improve upon an already beautiful connection. To take advantage of the (finally) cooler weather and go to the park. To allow myself to create when I feel like creating, work when I feel like working, and relax when I feel like relaxing. I am focused on being better to myself.

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I do have ideas for this blog, but I'm not sure if I'll go after them or not. Some of it is dependent on where life takes me once we move to Buffalo, the rest is just dependent on how I feel. Writing very honestly and openly here has always made me feel great, and is something that people (most people, anyway) respect. That certainly won't change.

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Some of these photos are from Yosemite last month, and some are from last weekend. Pep suggested that we hunt down a few obscure X-Files filming locations from the first movie, and I happily spent a couple hours figuring out where exactly they were. There are no exact locations online (well, there is one site, but I of course didn't find it until after we got back. Either way, I was excited to confirm that I was actually at the correct spot), so I found them using only Google maps/street view and pausing the movie, because I AM AN INSANE PERSON AND I LIKE A GOOGLING CHALLENGE, HELLO. One of them, an intersection in the middle of nowhere that I didn't think I'd ever find, was found by me GUESSING. I FUCKING GUESSED AND USED MY WEIRD FANGIRL INTUITION AND I WAS RIGHT.


The fact that someone cares enough about me to drive 2 hours into Mojave just to stop for 5 minutes at a boring intersection with nothing else around so I can experience the moment before moving onto the next boring place will never stop surprising me. I'm not sure I've ever felt that kind of care and love and friendship, and I certainly haven't felt it from a relationship, and now that I have it I am never letting it go.

For anyone else who is looking for these aka probably no one ever, here are coordinates:

Railroad Crossing: 34.429951, -118.354155 (When they see unmarked tanks on the train and drive on a road alongside it, eventually curving to the left as the train enters a tunnel)

Intersection: 35.198773, -117.986003 (When they arrive at the end of a road, debate whether to turn left or right, and Mulder ends up driving straight through it and onto a dirt path)

Middle of nowhere, Texas: 35.137653, -117.980802 (Near the beginning of the movie with tumbleweeds, also, I believe, when they spot a playground on new grass and question the 3 boys) (Sidenote, the playground obviously doesn't exist, it's just a lot)

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