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The DIY, the Disneyland, the what-on-Earth-happened

Thursday I finally did what I've been meaning to do for weeks: take the top off of my massive solid wood coffee table and use it as a headboard. Turned out pretty fancy, you might even be Pinterest worthy. I'm planning on shooting my bedroom for a contest on Apartment Therapy soon, so that shitty Ikea bedframe had to GO.

I took Friday off and went to Disneyland. Another place I said I didn't care if I ever visited (Hi everyone that knows me, I'm sorry for being so stubborn all the time about everything to ever exist. I don't plan on stopping anytime soon, but you should all thank Cindy for being able to get me to do anything). So........magical. So magical. I think I reached what was undoubtedly an embarrassing level of excitement once we reached the part of the park where I could hug Winnie The Pooh. I kind of freaked out and forgot to take pictures anywhere else because I was too excited. I also bought a yeti hat, because fuck you that's why. Cindy's video of me sums up my reactions throughout the ENTIRE day (muted by default, ya gotta click the volume icon on the bottom left of the video):

These pictures were NOT taken with my camera because no one in their right mind should carry an SLR around Disneyland for 12 hours. So we're back to lousy iPhone quality for one post.


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The Pierce Hill, the scarlet begonias, the empress

The neon boneyard, the Little A'Le'Inn, the bar dancing