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The free manicures, the guessing, the peonies

I know a ton of people hate on Lena Dunham (though I can't figure out why anyone wastes energy hating her when there are assholes like Bieber running around), but I personally think she is inspiring, and I really can't hate on a show that not only provides me with a free manicure but gives me a bottle of nail polish when I leave the salon. People love free shit. Thanks GIRLS! The season premiere was amazing, for anyone that hasn't seen it yet.

EDIT - I failed miserably and didn't explain the manicure, sorry to the ladies that inquired in the comments! Girls/HBO paid a handful of salons across NYC and LA to give everyone that walked in from 5pm-8pm a free manicure with one of the Deborah Lippmann nail polishes created specifically for the show. Here's a link with more of that info. We got to choose which color we wanted (I got Jessa's blood red color) and then we got to choose a set of decals (I choose the wood grain for Hannah) and a bottle of polish (I chose Hannah's green color). Tip was included and everything, it was fucking awesome.

Look at this room, you guys. I want it. Maybe with a smaller animal on top, but only because I'm concerned that spiders would get into that fur and drop down on me in the middle of the night. Also, is that peacock alive? I'd rather not have any live birds in my bedroom. 25 cats is enough. Just kidding!

(Kidding as in I don't have 25 cats, not as in 25 cats is not enough. Speaking of which, Cindy just sent me this link. Who's gonna buy me that?)

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Every now and then I go through a phase where I tell myself I WILL buy a keyboard and learn how to play the first 50 seconds of Muhammad My Friend by Tori Amos, and then I'll put it on whatever setting makes it sound like a Hammond B3 and play a bunch of blues after that (especially this exact version of Lovers Lost & Found that Grace Potter played wayyyyy back in 2005 that makes my jaw drop every time I hear it), and then I go to and turn into an idiot that decides to buy throw pillows instead. I should really make that happen since I have a tax return conveniently coming my way in a few weeks.

It's not so much the keyboard that I'm after, it's the idea of playing music for someone. I think this time it started when I saw Les Mis...something about On My Own just sounds SO GREAT in my shower hahaha. It starts with a song in the shower and then I quickly find myself thinking, "what if I just did some open mic nights?" (which will never happen), and then it progresses to "I should see if any of my friends will start a band with me" (which will never happen). I'll just spend a few hundred bucks on a keyboard and keep singing in my shower lol LOOK AT ME GO

I feel free from a lot of shit that's been holding me down for a loooooong time. Saturday night I went out for a birthday party and ended up spending the entire night dancing with two guys I didn't know. We pretty much ignored the rest of the party. It's really nice to have nights like that - nights when I'm expecting to just leave a party early and walk a few blocks home but end up making a last minute decision to stay and tackle some crazy dancing to Return Of The Mack.

personal renaissance continues...

If you will excuse me, I'm going to go drink some juice and continue listening to Muddy Waters. I'm not sure how many of my readers like the blues, but if you do, I've got a running playlist here. If you DO like the blues, please send me tons of it on Spotify.

The bar, the car, the street

The bourbon, the 7am, the colors