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The neon boneyard, the Little A'Le'Inn, the bar dancing

Vegas is exhausting, you guys. We zip lined down Fremont Street, we wandered at 4am, we went back to Hogs & Heifers both nights because it was that much fun, we danced on the bar, we toured the neon boneyard, wedrankandwedrankandwedraaaank, and we drove 2 hours north to Rachel, NV to eat and explore The Little A'Le'Inn, which is an alien themed cafe in the MIDDLE OF FUCKING NOWHERE. And as soon as the clock struck 12, I gave Cindy an awkward birthday serenade at the bar. I also ended up losing my debit card, but no charges were made on it when I went to the bank to replace it. It just disappeared into thin air. IT WAS ALIENS PROBABLY.


There's a South Park episode where they go zip lining, and when Cartman reaches the end the others ask him how it was, and he says, "TOTALLY FUCKIN STUPID, DUDE!" And really, zip lining IS kind of stupid. But I still loved it! The next time I do it I'll remember to not wear booty shorts, cause the straps turned my ass into a weird little shelf.

Neon Boneyard Park is a resting place for vintage Vegas signage. It's an hour tour and is one of the coolest and most colorful things I've seen in a long time. I wish it wasn't an actual tour, though. I'd much rather just walk around for an hour, taking pictures of whatever I want, than learning about the history of each sign and not being allowed to wander. I doon't caare about Vegas sign history. I care very deeply about visuals!

If you ever find yourself wanting to dance on the bar in a really divey place, may I suggest Down In Mexico by The Coasters? ;)

I thought I grew up in the middle of nowhere (I did). But Rachel, Nevada is on a different level. No gas stations for hours. No homes for hours. No grocery store for hours. The only other thing within 100 miles is Area 51. It's literally this bizarre little cafe, a tiny trailer park behind it (everyone there eats at this cafe), and Area 51. That's it. Everyone stared at us when we pulled into the parking lot. It attracts a good amount of alien conspiracy theorists, naturally, and it was fun to eavesdrop. Cindy bought alien finger puppets.

At one point on the drive there was a huge water tank on top of a mountain that had "Home Of The Panthers" printed on it, and we turned to each other with the same thought: That's where they keep ALL of the panthers. It's been making me laugh since, because we talked about hearing a faint growling sound as you approach it, and when you lift up the top there would just be a million panthers staring at you. Things that are only funny to us...

By the time we got back into LA I was wayyyy overtired and everything was hilarious to me. The thought of Cindy's phone autocorrecting "nooo" to "moo" made me laugh SO HARD.

(Why be negative when you can be cow?)

I'm so glad I held off on going to Vegas until now. I know that anyone else I could've gone with would've just ate, gambled, and drank on the strip...and that is just too boring for me. This trip was sooo interesting!

This was a poorly written blog and I'm pretty sorry about that. Huuuuge contrast from my last post. PICTURES!

Photo Locations:
Excalibur Hotel, Neon Boneyard Park, Extraterrestrial Highway, Little A'Le'Inn - all are in Nevada
I'll be putting the large versions of all of these (and a lot more, probably, since I have about 200 photos from the trip) on this blog's Facebook page after work!


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