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The Salton Sea, the hand-drawn type

It's a damn shame when I have so many ideas and no time to execute them. I wanted to do something different to these Salton Sea photos, something that I can vaguely compare to Alexandra Valenti's painted images, but sadly it would take ages and there's so much going on that I just can't. salton-sea-birds

This blog looks...just like it has for the past few months! You know why that's special? Because as of Friday, I am allllll and no more blogger. I finally made the jump and switched to MediaTemple (see you NEVER, shitty GoDaddy hosting), hung out with some customer service guys to get account info for my domain that I bought through Blogger and therefore had no access to, and rekindled my love for coding wordpress themes. PROGRESS!

While I was on the phone with customer service, the man helping me thought I said my domain was "" and we had a good laugh together when I corrected him. He said, "I don't even know how to spell excelsior. I'm helpless. Thank you for being so nice to me when I'm helpless." Sometimes lovely people are hidden in the most unexpected places.

I don't think I've said this here yet, but I waved goodbye to Thailand and Bali in favor of London. It would undoubtedly be a worthwhile trip, but I've wanted to go to London my whole life, and DAMNIT I'm gonna do it while there's nothing in my way. Traveling always feels good. I've been to 4 new places already this year; I've still got the Grand Canyon, London, and a trip to Buffalo with Cindy planned for the rest of 2013. Mayyyybe even a trip to Boise, Idaho too :P

My friends are beautiful. I've sprinkled them throughout this post for your enjoyment.

salton-sea-cindy-backbend salton-sea-hanna-distance salton-sea-lily-bw

I bought Rosetta Stone so I can learn the basics of Polish, because I want to go there next year. I'm basically just sick of not seeing the world. So I'll change that. Travel always feels good. Change ALWAYS feels good.

I was on my way home from work today and someone sitting in front of me had (it pains me to even say it) the worst haircut I've ever seen. It was a man, and there were sections that were chopped, bald, shaved, combed was a mess. I watched the man sitting behind him take out his phone and take a picture of the back of his head, and I suddenly felt very, very frustrated.

It's strange, the things that I become defensive of. I'm guilty of rude shit like that from time to time, but I always feel bad afterwards. I wanted to sit next to this man and be his friend. He was putting black work clothes into his bag, and all I could think about was that he probably came from a job where everyone was talking about him behind his back. Because that's what people do.

salton-sea-lily-tattoo salton-sea-cindy-breeze salton-sea-cindy-headband salton-sea-hanna-bw salton-sea-hanna-eyes salton-sea-lily-angle

A few months ago I sketched something on a stray piece of paper and someone told me, "that's really cool, you should do that more often."

"Well alright," I thought.

So I started drawing little things, mostly just doodles that had some sort of personal meaning. And then I bought a Moleskine and some good drawing pens. And then I realized how RIDICULOUSLY happy it made me. I can't even explain it, you guys. I can be so upset, so stressed out, and all of a sudden I take out a sketchbook and everything else is just gone. I've never felt anything else like it. Years and years of playing music never made me feel like this.

Turns out, a lot of people like my sketches/drawings/hand lettering (hence a 130 follower jump in a few weeks on Instagram!) and I'm starting to get opportunities to sell them. I'm starting to get paid illustration jobs. There are a couple BIG things in the works. I'm perched on one of the rare spots in life where we recognize that something great is about to happen, so we smile and just watch it all unfold. I just need to keep reminding myself to not be so fucking stubborn. Whenever I get in my own way, I hand-draw a few business cards. It makes my hand hurt so much that I end up thinking, "I am torturing myself. I cannot torture myself for no reason." Look at that, look at me self-motivate! I'm doin it wrong. But it's working ;)


I'm not comfortable with the idea of mass-producing my things. I want to sell hand-drawn creations that I've put time and love into. I want to keep the originals, partly so I can see my own progress and partly because they hold a lot of sentimental value to me. So that means making 5-10 duplicates (or only 1, it depends on how I feel) by hand and selling those. I feel a lot more at ease about putting a dollar sign on something if I know that I'm putting my own hand into it as well, ya know? We'll see. lots of things coming in the next few months.



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