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The stupid, the moonshine, the Star Me Kitten

When I do bad things, I can't be mad when the bad things come right around and kick me in the ass. That IS the downside of doing whatever the fuck I please, and I don't need anyone to remind me of that. At this point, I'm just happy to have a partner in crime and a taste of what I want.

I originally took an interest in William S. Burroughs because of a song he did: a remake of REM's Star Me Kitten that for some reason shook something up inside of me, even at 11 years old which was when I first heard it. It was on the soundtrack that was created for the first few seasons of The X-Files (you know meeee) and at first I couldn't listen to it; his voice freaked me out, but I quickly fell in love with it. Something about the laziness of the song paired with his voice sounds like an emotion I often feel but have always struggled to explain properly or really understand.

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I usually feel inspired by people only when they're somewhat fucked up; there is no use trying to light a fire under my ass by showing me inspirational TED talks and presidential inauguration speeches, that's for sure. There is a very specific breed of human beings that I draw energy and ideas from, and they must be artists. Burroughs was messed up, and most of the people he associated with were/are messed up too. I wish more than anything that I could see The Black Rider, which is a musical he helped create with Tom Waits and Robert Wilson. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE? Read the synopsis. It sounds great.

It makes me wonder why I usually feel so happy in an everything-is-just-so-cheery-and-bright-and-everything-has-flowers-on-it kinda way.

It appears that my creative inspiration has shifted from being visual to being musical, which is terribly inconvenient because now I am just a web designer with no design ideas. But I could make playlists for DAYS.

Have you ever had moonshine? It's not so bad.

It's not so good either.

It's really interesting to be on the receiving end of other people's flash decisions. It's a good thing I'm cool as a cucumber. Certainly couldn't have said that about myself a few years ago. PROGRESS


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