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Road Trip: Utah

road-trip-utah-8 Utah is really cool, you guys. I originally didn't have much desire to visit, but when we were planning this trip I thought WHY NOT; it made sense with our route, and I had seen pictures of Bryce Canyon that wowed me (also ANY Doctor Who fan understands the significance of Lake Powell, AKA  Lake Silencio!), so we penciled it in and went on our merry way.

The second we were finally out of Nevada, the scenery changed. Everything felt fresher, everything was more exciting to look at; even the type of spread-out rural towns that I've seen all my life were more interesting, just because it was the first time I was seeing them in a new place. Our first stop was Bryce Point in Bryce Canyon:

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The drive from Bryce Canyon to Kabab, which was beautiful, quickly gave way to massive red rocks. I don't know why I thought red rocks wouldn't be as beautiful as they always look in photos - they are 100x more beautiful in person.

If you've ever flown over the United States, specifically over the southwest, then you know that it's terribly monotonous from the air; it always seems like the 6 hour flight from NYC to LA is 3 hours of the entire country and then 3 hours of the southwest before entering California sky. I had heard similar statements made about making the drive, so I was a little worried. Maybe we just took a good route, but I didn't feel that way at all on this trip except for the time it took to leave Nevada.

We didn't want to drive in the dark for a second night, so at sundown we reached Kanab and decided to stay. It was still Valentine's Day, so we walked along the main street until we found the only open establishment that was serving beer (Utah is bizarre about alcohol. Really bizarre.), had a dinner that took approximately 5 hours to reach our table, and then crashed.

In the morning, we had a mediocre breakfast and took a quick look at Kanab by daylight, which is much more entertaining than Kanab by moonlight, if you were wondering, and then we drove. The drive was so beautiful.


Whenever people go on long trips, the common question upon returning is always, "What was your favorite part?"

I had a few favorite parts, and Lone Rock Beach was one of them. We walked down to the water, and I squished my toes in the softest, finest sand I've ever felt. LA beaches have nothin' on Lake Powell; I felt like I was walking on flour. At one point, I was photographing a boat on the water, and my feet were squishing around, and the love of my life was standing next to me, breathing in the same air, and then Release Me by Dolly Parton started playing from a nearby truck where other people were lounging, and the breeze was just right, and I'll never forget it. I think that was the most perfect 5 minutes I've had in 5 years.

In the summer, I think Lone Rock Beach/Lake Powell gets very crowded with campers, but we stumbled upon a February shoreline that was almost totally empty. I'm so happy we went when we did; tons of people would have totally ruined all that beauty.

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