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We are the west

Happy April.

What a great weekend. Drank Jameson, woke up wearing a cat necklace (see below),  roamed around TINI to find a new treasure for my room redecorating project, went to see some art at Bergamot Station, and then went to a tiny concert in a parking garage in Santa Monica.

A coworker invited me when we discovered that a band he knows (Lord Huron) also happens to be a band that I LOVE, and Boys School, one of the bands that played last night, featured one of the members of Lord Huron. I had no idea what to expect, but it was so beautiful and I left feeling certain that I'd be back again. It was intimate and dimly lit and warm and happy, and at the end of the night We Are The West took us to a different section of the garage for a little finale. There is nothing quite like listening to this in complete darkness:

From The Bower from We Are The West on Vimeo.

BV and I both left saying the same thing: ""

I should add this because it's interesting: I looked at We Are The West's website, and they decided to play somewhere new in July as opposed to the parking garage. Know where they're playing? Warsaw NY aka 45 minutes from my hometown. It's a small town in Western New York, and they just happened to decide to play there. WEIRD. I love when life seems all connected like that.

Yep. That will be happening again. Also in the news: repotted a plant for the first time ever (hi Mom!), finally bought curtains, and have not been fooled once today. That seems sufficient for an update. I'm gonna go eat popcorn and watch Animal Planet in my bed because I'm gross. SEE YA LATER

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