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We went to Portland

cock-gallery-portland The last time I was in Portland, I quickly (stupidly) put my foot down and said I couldn't live there. The last day of that trip, I quietly changed my mind and vowed to come back at another point to test it out again.

Pep and I flew into PDX a few weeks ago for a long weekend. I'm not sure whether it was the weather, which was much more forgiving for visitors than last time (my umbrella remained in tact and it rained without the crazy winds), or where we stayed (the most FANTASTIC AirBNB apartment in Goose Hollow, within walking distance to so many great things), but I left with a picture of what my life could be like there and an urge to return with a one-way flight.

I have limited knowledge of Portland, and some of our trip was an overlap of things Cindy introduced me to back in March, but we did find a handful of new and amazing spots. I find a lot of places through Instagram; I love looking through location tags and picking out places I'd like to see in person. The International Rose Test Garden was one of those. It was late November so nothing was blooming, but it was still a beautiful place to start our trip.

portland-29 portland-8



I'm not much of a sports fan, and of all sports I probably like basketball the least, but I went to a game and liked it so much that I told Pep I'd definitely go back with him again. Over the past few years I've come to understand one very important thing about myself: I love trying new things but I have to be able to do it in my own way. My favorite thing about Pep is that he understands and respects that I am an observer rather than a participator. That facet of his personality, that same ultra-important facet that shows up in friendships like the ones I have with Amanda, Cindy, Mike, and Rhiannon, is what makes me willing to try new things instead of curling up in the fetal position and trying to get out of it. It's so simple, and I spent so much time trying to understand why I was so adventurous with certain people and so...not...with othersI'm thankful to have finally figured it out.


airbnb-lobby-portland-goose-hollow muu-muus-portland

One of my favorite parts about the last trip to Portland was EAT - a bar with 4 different kinds of oyster shooters and cajun food. I had to go back this time, and we managed to time it perfectly so that the second we sat down inside, the sky turned black and it poured until we left, and then it was sunny. So sunny, in fact, that we ended up walking all the way across the river back to our AirBNB. We stopped in the middle of the Broadway Bridge so I could take a photo, turned around, and saw a double rainbow that started and ended in the river, stretching right over our heads.

eat-oyster-shooters-fried-pickles-portland double-rainbow-portland portland-view strideby tasty-n-alder-bloodymary

On our last day we got a quick breakfast near our apartment and then headed to the Kennedy School for a few drinks at the boiler room bar before we went to the airport. While we were in between buses, there was one loud crack of thunder and I think my heart actually floated right up out of my body and into the gray Portland sky.

Conclusion: I could definitely live in Portland. And I really fucking love you.

portland-56 mcmanamins-rain  soloparking-portland record-store-portlandportland-3

Where we stayed: Keith's awesome room on AirBNB in Goose Hollow Where we ate and drank: Muu-Muu's, Ringler's Annex, Marathon Taverna, EAT Oyster Bar, Tasty n Alder, The Boiler Room at Kennedy School, B Street Coffee HouseDark Horse Pub What we did: Trail Blazers/Bulls game, International Rose Test Garden, A leisurely stroll all the way from SE Portland across the Broadway Bridge, through Chinatown and Downtown, Powell's Books, Everyday Music

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