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Who the hell am I?!

What is HAPPENING to me?! Earlier last week, nearing the end of my evening run, I was stopped by a little girl who asked me to help her. She had just gotten a haircut, and the balloon that the salon gave her had gotten stuck in the neighbor's tree. I went into their yard (while the girl assured me her neighbors wouldn't be mad), untangled it from the branch and handed it back to her. She said please and thank you and was just the cutest little thing. She couldn't have been older than 5. If I were her parents I'd be terrified that she was talking to strangers, even if I am pretty non-threatening in my running outfit.

Today, I found this photo of two little girls at Outside Lands in San Francisco, who told the photographer that they were there to see Neil Young and Stevie Wonder perform (I CANNOT GET OVER THIS). I still don't enjoy kids very much, but I think if I had a little girl I would really love taking her with me on adventures and letting her dress like these two. And listening to Neil Young with her.

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Here are the details the photographer took note of:

Names: Veda & Leithan (I'm really hoping she was named after Vada Sultenfuss)
Here to see?: Neil Young and Stevie Wonder.
Favorite part of your outfit?: Sparkling. All the sparkles. The shoes, the star pants, sparkles.

I just..........

But I still don't think I'd enjoy having a boy at all. Nor would I enjoy being around anyone else's. I think little boys are obnoxious. I think most boys are obnoxious, in fact. #cooties

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