accidental flares of love burst through the atmosphere

You would somersault in sand with me

I'm running out of time to announce this, but today I'm an Editor's Pick of the Day on, and I'm featured on their homepage. I love waking up to 40 emails, all about people following my blog! Thanks new friends :) Now I feel like I owe everyone going out of their way to visit my tiny corner of the internet a new post, just so people don't assume I'm boring and never update.

Today BV and I went to the boardwalk on a mission, but got incredibly sidetracked by art and ended up buying some for ourselves. We met a man named Arthure Moore who had various obscene and very brightly colored paintings for sale. I was instantly drawn to the one that said FUCK ART SCHOOL with a gold middle finger on it, so we listened to a series of crazy stories from Mr Moore and were surprised when he let us offer our own price for his art (amazing!). And then he called me a bitch and made us pose for pictures. He doesn't know me at all, but he has found the quickest way to my heart hahaha.

As for little Sophia, she is going to the vet tomorrow because she's a bit lethargic. She'll play when I try to play with her, but she hasn't been running around going bonkers like she was earlier this week. Normally I would just let things be, but her sick kitty past makes me worry a little. So, if you could, keep my little bean in your thoughts and send her some positive vibes. ((((((+))))))


Sunshine Days